Chairman – Kevin Cranston

Kevin transitioned from successful career in the Army – having risen to Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army Air Corp – to become an environmental and quality auditor, active in the Green Party and serving as Mayor of Stroud for the past 6 years. He fell in love with sailing aboard Britannia and when she was a charter vessel in the 1980s.

Treasurer – Vicki Samuels

Vicki, a retired NHS project manager since 2012, founded Touchwood, the first social firm in the Highlands, and established two other charities focused on mental health support and textile upcycling. With extensive experience in social work, counseling, and supervision, she has successfully chaired various organizations, obtaining funding and raising their profiles, while also managing a family yacht charter business after transitioning from living aboard Britannia.

Lead Boatbuilder – Sam Samuels

Sam, after completing an aircraft engineering apprenticeship and spending time in the merchant navy, devoted over two decades to boatbuilding and sailing, notably restoring Britannia and leading various maritime projects. Settling in Skye, he ran a successful yacht charter business for 10 years, training young skippers, before retiring from professional boat building at 60.

Secretary – Michael Blundell

Mike’s career centered around engineering and machine tools, beginning with an apprenticeship at Lucas CAV in London and spanning 32 years as a field service engineer for George Kingsbury. Transitioning to a service manager role in 1998, he provided technical support to UK customers and collaborated closely with German factories before retiring in 2007. As well as enjoying regular adventures such as safaris and polar expeditions, Mike now stays active with cycling, walking, Scottish dancing, and Tai Chi, also serving as secretary to the Swindon group of CTC.

Gareth Samuels

Gareth, born on Britannia in 1978, spent his youth sailing and later embarked on a career in boatbuilding and house construction, driven by his passion for the environment. Currently residing in Skye, he is establishing a green building business while continuing his work in boat restoration.

Jane Clemetson

Jane, initially trained as a barrister and later worked as a business affairs lawyer for Sony Music Entertainment, eventually establishing her own firm specializing in intellectual property and media law, with a focus on digital media, e-commerce, and music. Alongside her legal career, she has enjoyed sailing on various classic boats globally, including Britannia before her sale in 1996.

Nick Reiter

Nick Reiter, a graduate of the L.S.E in Economics and Government, had a diverse career in the public sector, notably serving in Whitehall and local government before retiring in 2013. Alongside his professional endeavors, he holds a degree in Chemistry from the Open University and currently resides in the North West Highlands, where he enjoys cycling, sea kayaking, online courses, and reading.

John Thynne

John, originally from Marlborough, New Zealand, has spent the last 28 years in England, working in key accounts sales and later running his own building business specializing in garden rooms and high-end bathroom refits. Alongside his professional career, he has extensive experience in face-to-face conflict resolution, offshore yacht racing, endurance challenges like the Marathon De Sable, and is also an award-winning short story writer and occasional writing course instructor.