The Trust

Boatbuilder Sam Samuels stands at Britannia's stern on deck, hand on the tiller, Exeter 2023.

Sam and Vicki Samuels founded Britannia Sailing Trust in 2014. It is dedicated to advancing Britain’s maritime heritage, raising awareness of the fragility of our oceans and providing experience of traditional sailing and maintenance of a historic vessel through the restoration of the Class 1 Smack, Britannia.

Sam and Vicki have been married for 54 years; but during that time, they have been married to Britannia for 30!  She has been a very important part of their lives, having restored her once already and bringing their family up on board whilst sailing far and wide. Now in their seventies, having sold Britannia in 1994, they have crossed paths with her again and are are committed to restoring her once again.

Britannia is over 100 years old and she is the last of her kind. She has had a varied and interesting life, which you can read more about on our History page.

The purpose of the Britannia Sailing Trust, is to repair and restore this beautiful and unique vessel in order for her to sail again, campaigning in the twenty first century to protect the oceans that are our planet’s lifeblood.  Built more than a hundred years ago, she has seen many changes and had many different roles, but her future place in our world may be her most vital.   

Britannia arrives in Winkleigh, Devon where she will start her restoration

Through the preservation of this Historic vessel, we will offer training and work experience for individuals to learn how to sail and maintain a traditional sailing boat, part of Britain’s Maritime History.  We have 9  committed Trustees and the support of many individuals – some who have sailed aboard Britannia in the past. We welcome any contributions which will help us to save this lovely boat.

To read more about Britannia Sailing Trust’s mission and plans, see our Mission Statement.

If you would like to contribute to preservation of Britannia, the work of the Trust and our future journey, please visit our Donate page. Thank you!