Britannia is a Class One East Coast Smack, launched in 1915 in King’s Lynn and now over 100 years old. She is the last functional example of her class.

Britannia Sailing Trust is dedicated to restoring and maintaining this unique fragment of maritime heritage, returning her to a working life at sea.

Keeping Heritage Alive

Our philosophy is to keep maritime heritage alive. We believe that working vessels in seafaring condition are infinitely more valuable than static relics, chained to a quayside. Going to sea aboard traditional vessels gives people first-hand experiences and a deeper understanding and respect for seafaring heritage.

We believe that in order to care about heritage and be inspired to preserve it, it is vital that people can experience and connect with it directly.

Our approach to heritage seeks to keeps alive the traditions, skills, and stories that have shaped seafaring life for generations. We see heritage not as something done and dusted, but as something, current, dynamic and living that continues to grow and to be added to with each generation.