Tim Ebdy


Tim Ebdy

Tim began his career as an electrical engineering apprentice, but after what turned out to be a very fortunate redundancy, he started work as an outdoor Instructor at the John Ridgeway Adventure School.

The following year he joined the historic sailing vessel Britannia as first mate and at 21 was given the responsibility of captain. Tim continued to work in charter and sail training for a further 5 years and gained the Yachtmaster Ocean Qualification.

With a young family, he returned to full time education and achieved a B.Eng. degree specialising in robotic control. At 30, Tim changed tack and became a trainee ROV Technician in the offshore Oil & Gas Industry and five years later was promoted to Supervisor.

This work included several years in West Africa where Tim became increasingly interested in developing leadership and technical skills within the national workforce. This led to more inclusive and mutually respectful relationships between expatriates and the national crews.

With this experience behind him Tim started his third career as an ROV Instructor for Saipem Ltd. This role has allowed him to combine his interest in leadership development and education. He is currently creating an in-house learning facility for the off shore technicians. In his spare time Tim is training to become a facilitator and a leadership development coach and is a volunteer trustee of the Britannia Sailing Trust.

Tim has rebuilt two 1960’s plywood sailing yachts and continues to take his family on as many offshore sailing holidays as his wife will allow!