Supporting Young People

Britannia Sailing Trust has a strong focus on supporting and uplifting young people, both in terms of social support and career-building opportunities.

Young people are the future of traditional sailing ships. They are the next generation of boatbuilders, shipwrights, skippers and sailors. We are helping to pass on the time-honoured traditional knowledge that will keep traditional and heritage vessels sailing for many centuries to come, enabling future generations to experience and enjoy them.

In these difficult times, many young people are struggling to find a path that inspires and interest them, while at the same time enabling them to make a living and build a life for themselves.

We help lost and disadvantaged young people find purpose, supporting them to build skills, gain confidence and enter maritime careers.

We do this through our inter-generational volunteering programme, where young people work side-by-side with experienced boatbuilders, learning all the skills needed to restore and maintain wooden sailing ships like Britannia.

We also have behind-the-scenes volunteers, who help with our events, fundraising, marketing and communications.

Britannia is a fantastic launching point for many different career directions such as:

  • Boatbuilder, shipwright or carpenter
  • Maritime heritage and general heritage careers
  • Seafarer or skipper
  • Tourism sector
  • Communications, marketing and fundraising

Traineeship Scheme

We run a traineeship scheme that allows us to pay a limited number of dedicated young trainees to work and learn aboard Britannia.

If you are under 30 and would like to become a young trainee, please get in touch with us about joining our volunteer team first, as trainees are recruited from there.

This is a scheme we hope to expand in future, and one we are not able to do without public donations.

Help young people gain skills and enter maritime careers!

The Future

Once back at sea, Britannia’s work with young people will expand to include exciting skill-building voyages throughout the British Isles.

Now is a perfect time to get involved as we take the ship from restoration project to seafaring vessel within the next two years. You will get to help with all the stages in between.