Protecting the Environment

Preserving maritime heritage goes hand-in-hand with protecting the natural world that sustains it. Our initiatives focus on promoting environmental stewardship, sustainable practices, and a deep respect for the marine ecosystems that are the lifeblood of seafaring traditions.


We prioritise sustainable practices in all our restoration and maintenance activities. By using eco-friendly materials and techniques, we minimise our environmental footprint and ensure that our activities support rather than harm the natural world. Our dedication to green practices extends to every aspect of our work, from the places we source our timbers to our waste management strategies.

We also support local sustainability projects and initiatives, such as Tree to Sea withy baskets, who are crafting willow crab pots for use by local fishermen, to replace plastic ones.


The health of our oceans and waterways is critical to the future of maritime heritage. We actively support conservation efforts by partnering with local and national organizations to protect and preserve aquatic habitats.

Wooden sailing ships also depend on healthy native woodlands to yield the timbers that make them. Without these woodlands, wooden sailing ships will no longer be able to be built and repaired.

We are partnering with the National Trust to plant ‘Britannia Wood’ – a boatbuilder’s woodland situated on the North Devon Coast. This woodland, composed of native trees, will be sustainably managed, yielding timbers and materials for boatbuilders and other traditional craftsmen.

A Commitment to the Future

Our dedication to the environment is a testament to our broader mission of preservation and education. It’s not just about protecting the past – it’s about securing a rich and happy future for all.