Building Community

At the heart of Britannia is a passionate community of volunteers, young trainees and local people.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of Britannia. Whether they’re honing traditional skills in workshop, assisting with educational events, or helping to maintain the ship, their dedication and passion shine through in everything they do.

From seasoned sailors to landlubbers eager to learn, there’s a place for everyone in our volunteer community.

Britannia Sailing Trust is volunteer-led, meaning that we invite volunteers to help us in every aspect of our work from the hands-on boatbuilding and ship maintenance tasks to running events, fundraising, marketing and communications or helping us capture photo and videos. Their contributions, whether big or small, shape the direction of our organization and drive us forward.

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Training Tomorrow’s Mariners

We take great pride in our training programme, which offers hands-on experience and professional development opportunities for aspiring young boatbuilders and seafarers.

Our trainees not only learn the ropes, but also become integral members of our community, forging connections that last a lifetime and help them as they enter maritime careers.

Engaging the Local Community

Britannia is more than just a sailing trust — we’re a fixture of the local community. We actively engage with locals and visitors through outreach events, educational initiatives and collaborative projects.

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By opening our doors and inviting the community to share in our work, we strengthen ties and foster a deeper and more inclusive understanding of maritime heritage.

We also work with many other organisations and charities, enjoying mutually beneficial partnerships, and are always on the lookout for more opportunities to work together.

Join us in building a brighter future for Britannia, ships like her and the seven seas they sais in. Get involved, make a difference, and become part of Britannia’s crew today.