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  • Welcome to Our New Website

    Welcome to Our New Website

    As we enter a new year and a new chapter in Britannia’s history, we’re also adopting a new look! We hope you like our new website. Development is ongoing and it doesn’t yet have the full functionality of the old website, but we’re getting there. Please let us know if you have any comments or…

  • A Boatbuilder’s Friends

    A Boatbuilder’s Friends

    English Oak (Quercus robur) The English, or ‘Common’, Oak is a majestic and long-lived tree – one of few that most people can immediately recognise on sight, due to its distinctive, thick twisted branches and serrated leaves. Oak has been used in boatbuilding for hundreds of years in Northern Europe. It is immensely strong and…

  • Sailing Around the Western Isles

    Sailing Around the Western Isles

    It was not too many years ago, that Britannia and her family spent much of their lives sailing the seas around the western Isles. Sharing the open ocean, sea locks and coves with the playful dance of the porpoise and dolphin, the laughter of the grey seals and the occasional whale and basking shark. Britannia…