The Inaugural Meeting of the Britannia Sailing Trust

The inaugural meeting of the Britannia Sailing Trust was held at the ‘The Mitre Hotel’ in Greenwich, London, on Saturday the 30th of Jan 2015. The trustees attending were, Sam Samuels, Vicki Samuels, Haydn Samuels, Tom Mansell, Jane Clemetson, Mike Humphries, Tim Ebdy, Mike Blundell and John Thynne.

There was much laughter on Friday night and a good solid progressive meeting on Saturday. All the trustees were up for inclusion in the Jobs handout. Chairperson, secretary, treasurer, accounting, auditing, marketing, fund raising, legal services and surveyor.

The most urgent and immediate item is the raising of funds in any way, shape or form to support the monthly outgoings. We do need any support from anyone at this stage while we await the outcome of various grant and funding applications. We do need your support. It doesn’t matter how small, all will be gratefully accepted.

We now feel that we are under way on this beautiful and worthy project. Even though much has been done already, we now feel, as of Saturday the 30th of January 2015 that the sails are now filling and we are gently on our way. Hopefully we’ll build this up to a force 12, storm of a project.

So far there’s been a huge dollop of financial, physical and emotional effort from the Samuels family and a few others. All of us; friends, family, trustees and any people with an interest must now take up the strain and, with great spirit, enthusiasm and a determination to see Britannia barrelling along on the ocean once again, roll up our sleeves and go for it.

Britannia is one hundred years old this year. She has soul, character and a brilliant personality. With our help she’ll romp on for another century giving immense pleasure to those involved in the restoration and many, many others in the future. This is her time.